What should I wear for our session?

I get this question ALL the time. I would be lying if I said I didn't know how to answer it at first... but now that I know I'll tell you all the secrets. There is so much that goes into those beautiful aesthetic photos that everyone dreams of. I normally say there's two major factors that play into being able to achieve that. Those two things are clothing & lighting. Lighting is an easy fix... just shoot at sunrise or sunset. Clothing takes so much more thought.

Step 1 : Color Scheme

Color scheme probably plays the biggest factor in achieving the clean timeless look. You can start by picking light neutral tones; like white, cream, beige, tan, brown, and grey. I know I know... that sounds so boring, but by choosing this we can work with any background & do fun poses. These colors also personally compliment my editing style. Choosing neutral tones creates a cohesive look where as bright colors such as red can stick out.

Step 2 : Textures + Textiles

Choosing what type of clothing can almost be more difficult. I usually think these pairings can be the best way to go! Jeans are so versatile, they are probably one of the most versatile things in your closet. It's how you pair them that really makes a difference. A mom jean normally looks best with a tight top, while a skinny jean can be paired with loss top. While of course you can style jeans however you want, they are just a good staple piece with any outfit. Wearing something that matches the season is also super important. You don't wanna wear a sweater in summer or a mini skirt in winter.

Step 3 : Clashing vs complimenting

If you are taking photos with someone else, you don't want to clash... you want to compliment them. So for instance, if you're wearing a white dress with tan flowers on it, you don't want your partner to wear tan & white stripes to "match" it. Instead they could wear a plain white shirt with tan pants. Another example of this would be if your partner is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt, you too could wear jeans and a white shirt because it wouldn't clash patterns.

My Go to boutiques

If I'm gonna give you all my secrets, I have to give you my local secrets too!! Some of my favorite boutiques are right here in Wichita. One of my absolute favorites is Bling by Nicole. This store is a personal favorite, there are three locations in Wichita. Bling New Market Square, Bling on Greenwich, as well as Bling Derby. Another favorite is Apricot Lane. I'm unsure if this is a franchise or local, but they have the CUTEST stuff!! I also absolutely adore going to Francesca's!! They have the cutest little trinkets in there too!

Key words for Inspo

Sometimes the easiest way to find inspiration for outfits is by pulling from Pinterest of course! Here are some of my go to searches for the BEST results. To be inclusive of your needs, you can add plus size, petite, maternity, your skin tone, or the location of your photoshoot.

  • Casual Boho Outfits
  • Minimalist Outfit
  • Studio Photoshoot Outfits
  • Classy Outfits